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Welcome to Blossoms Women Care

Blossoms Women Care is an exclusive, full-fledged centre dedicated to the wellness of women.

It is a state-of-the-art facility where patients experience high quality medical care, while enjoying personalized attention and service. We provide wide-ranging diagnostic facilities, consulting, specialized treatments and operative procedures for all aspects of female health.

Blossoms caters to all the healthcare needs of women of all ages with single-point convenience. We offer a wide range of medical and surgical services including primary gynecologic & obstetric care, advanced techniques in diagnosing and treating infertility problems, treating malignancies of the female reproductive system and urogynecology work – all rendered with minimal invasive surgeries. Dr Kuldeep Wagh and Dr Radhika Wagh bring to the table a rich experience in Obstetrics & Gynecology. Along with their deep medical acumen, they have a warm and friendly outlook, which makes patients feel they are in a 'comfort zone'.


Why Blossoms Women Care

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full-fledged centre dedicated to the complete Women Care


Positive and Refreshing setup.


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Trained and compassionate staff.


Online consultaion available as per convenience of patients.

Meet our Team of Experienced Doctors

Team of medical specialists care about you & your family’s health
Dr Kuldeep Wagh M.S. (OBG) | Dip in Laparoscopy (Germany) Fellow in Reproductive Medicine (Singapore)
Dr Kuldeep brings to the operating table a 10-year surgery experience, highlighted by more than 800 conventional procedures, over 850 laparoscopic procedures, 150 Radical hysterectomies.
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Dr. Radhika Kuldeep Wagh Director & Gynaecologist| Fellow in High Risk Pregnancies | Fellow in Infertility
Engaged in successful and diversified practice of Obstetrics & Gynecology for the last 8 years, Dr Radhika is a compassionate doctor ,competent surgeon and a friendly individual. Involved in several research projects in high risk pregnancies,
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Blossoms Women Care is an exclusive, full-fledged centre dedicated to the wellness of women.It is a state-of-the-art facility where patients experience high quality [...]

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What Our Patients Are Saying

  • AvatarMRS.SANDHYA KAMATChartered AccountantBelgaum
    Landing up with a Vesico-Vaginal Fistula post hysterectomy, that to by a well known senior gynaecologist, wasn’t an easy time. Those horrifying months of my life would have stayed forever if it wasn’t for Dr. Kuldeep Wagh. I was told that post repair the chances would be 50% of a successful surgery. I remember calling him early in the morning and telling him about my apprehensions. He made this surgery seem like a piece of cake. I could not believe that after such a tedious surgery I was discharged the very evening. I was very worried that the complaint would recur...but no... I was completely cured!! God bless him always.
  • AvatarMR.MAHESH GOSAVIBusinessman
    My sister had heart disease and she was pregnant. No private nursing home was ready to take the case as compliance is really bad. I was very worried. After being warned by many doctors about losing my sister during her labor, I trusted Dr. Kuldeep Wagh & his team completely about her & her baby’s safety. I was explained everything in detail. After a few ANC visits I was convinced that he can make a miracle happen, which he did. My sister gave birth to a healthy baby without having to undergo any suffering herself. I can definitely say that he is the best gynecologist considering his knowledge and expertise in handling such high risk cases.
  • AvatarMRS.SWATI KOYATEDirector Samata international school.Kopargoan
    I had called Dr Radhika Wagh for a lecture in my school on sex education to girls. I was very worried as the topic is so sensitive. Dr Radhika Wagh has this unique method of explaining such difficult topics in a lively and humorous way. She makes the crowd get attached to her and put forth the topic in a very simple way. Not only that, she is also a great doctor when it comes to dealing with the younger girls & their issues.
    I am a dentist myself and my husband an orthopaedic surgeon. My first pregnancy ended up in a caesarean section. I remember it used to pain a lot and was in the hospital for a week. I came to Dr. Kuldeep and Dr. Radhika Wagh for my second pregnancy. I was operated and then I started walking in the evening itself. Dr Radhika was with me the whole time explaining about feeding and taking care of my newborn. I was discharged the next day itself. After experiencing my first surgery I could not believe the difference. I was totally comfortable and did not feel that I had undergone a caesarean section just yesterday. My relatives and in fact my husband was totally surprised. I would say that Dr Kuldeep Wagh has an exceptionally good surgical hand. I wish both of them good luck.
  • AvatarDR.BHOLANEGynecologistSangamner
    Running a womens hospital in Sangamner, I face many critical cases which require deep insight, knowledge and experience. Dr Kuldeep Wagh has been coming to my hospital for operating such cases from the last 7 years. He has that exact precision and gentleness in his blade which is required, as a single patient may need to be operated again and again. My best wishes for his new venture.
  • AvatarMRS.ANUJA BAGULHR manager Keys Temple TreeShirdi
    Dr Radhika and Dr Kuldeep Wagh have a very comforting way of talking to their patients. I not only approached them for my pregnancy but then even for my childs treatment. Nowadays it is difficult to find a doctor whom one can trust for their complete health needs. Dr Wagh bring a complete health solution for all problems.
  • AvatarMRS.KALYANI MURUMKARHouse wifeKalyaninagar Pune
    My experience with Dr.Wagh has been such that it cannot be put into words. Once I had pain in abdomen. On showing a radiologist I was found to be having ectopic pregnancy. I was advised to get admitted and operated immediately or I would die. I was very scared. As I knew Dr Kuldeep Wagh personally I asked for his opinion. He only asked me to take my pulse. As it was normal he told me that though the diagnosis was correct, but if the ectopic pregnancy is unruptured it can be managed conservatively by injectable medicines and that I need not get operated for the same. I listened to him and I was managed conservatively. I was so scared and confused but then listening to him gave me a total relief. I am totally thankful to him for getting me out of this life threatening complication for providing his expertise and care for my benefit. Wish him all the best for his new endeavor.
  • AvatarMRS.MANALI KOLHEDirector Sanjeevani International schoolKopargaon
    I just remember my first pregnancy.. It is so new and then a hundred questions come to your mind. I had no one to ask. But I am so fortunate and happy to have Dr. Radhika Wagh as my doctor. She was very warm, caring, and understanding. Her approach is unique towards her patients. She answered all my questions and gave me ample time till I was satisfied. I remember calling her at late hours too. She created a comfort zone for me which helped me during my pregnancy.I thank her for the care given and wish her good luck for her future practice.